Solidities breaks musical boundaries on the enigmatic I Is, You Is, We Is

Music, in essence, is there for our enjoyment. We use music to connect, to be entertained, to understand and, ultimately, to enjoy. But, under the superficial outer layer of what music has to offer, there are other uses for organised sounds and silences, other feelings to be procured that we may never have thought possible. Solidities is a producer seemingly bent on exploring the deepest corners of music’s more obscure and unexplored facets.


I Is, You Is, We Is by Solidities is a work of art to be mused over and considered before one can make a verdict; it’s fascinating sounds break barriers

The elusive techno wizard has recently procured a 9-track EP that plays on your mind like the lingering effects of a hallucinogenic. I Is, You Is, We Is is not quite EDM, it’s not quite trance, it’s like nothing you’ve heard of or attempted to absorb before. The ambient soundscapes of opener, Unclose Me don’t act like a climactic, structured track, rather, the piece floats gently like a white petal caught on a reed during a trip down a stream.

The following tracks fit accordingly to this mould. Rather than bearing an identifiable hallmark, the tracks simply linger on a thought, at times several thoughts erratically interweaving like those present in Toast, the EP’s lead single. Each track is like a hot spring, gently bubbling and steaming its unplanned rhythm before occasionally bursting into fleeting moments of harmonious ecstasy.

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Standout track, Out The Mood, sways comfortably within sultry synths, gleeful tapping cymbals and a distant sax sound. It’s almost Neo-Soul but without the need for intention, more so the need to build atmosphere. There’s no doubt the EP is designed to be listened front to back, to be absorbed back to front and to be admired for its purpose. There’s no reason to pigeonhole something indescribable.

Experimental soundscapes bend sensuously through the inner sanctums within our psyche. The gentle throbbing of the tracks is meditative and almost sexual, built to be swam in rather than poured out. Imagine the perfect music for laying starry eyed in the pitch black; imagine the perfect music for a study in intricacy and simplicity – this is it.

You would be mistaken to pass off I Is, You Is, We Is as a collection of musical gibberish, but it may take a few listens to reach the summit of its mountainous meaning. There’s no doubt Solidities is a master at work, and has us all wondering where his tunes will take us next.

Keep your eyes peeled for the electro enigma who its set to take his show to a live setting sometime soon.