PREMIERE: Big Creature deliver big hooks in their shimmering new track, Talk

In those intimate scenes, whether it be in your mind, or in explorative operations with another, brooding silences can often render a sustained awkwardness or synergic epiphanies. In these states, absent of conversation it may be appropriate to call upon the great muse of music to permeate the air, and decipher the next stage of interaction.


Talk is designed to melt bodies together in a primal dance of ecstasy. Big Creature have crafted the quintessential indie pop banger.

Luckily, if you’re no connoisseur of the spoken word, Melbourne Indie Pop outfit Big Creature are here to save you from this stupor and to ignite the future flame. Savour your silence or prepare to dance, because when a band like this talks, you cannot help but listen.

Big Creature have taken their name to the most literal sense, in creating a big tune called Talk a single from their upcoming EP that ultimately consumes the listener whole heartedly into a boiling pot of pop, funk and synth fusion. Laden with emotive lyricism and eclectic harmonies, the synth pop number captivates imagination and drives this tasteful melody deep into your memory bank and well into a thought-pool of fun and excitement.

Opening with a tasty gat lick that sets your mood alight, this tune immediately gathers momentum and graces listeners with a 4 minute long melodic romance, stapling down a delicious groove on the drums that drags your head between one bar to the next in a specialised break beat fashion. The song continues, welcoming tight horn lines that embellish the disco vibe and generate a mirrored joy between the recording and the swaying hips of the listener.

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Big Creature have hit the nail on the head in the marriage of self-awareness and the utter addictiveness of pop, belting lines such as “just take one breath/leave behind your regrets/time to move on/we don’t even have to talk.” Something tells me that this punchy formation of moral guidance will be asserted within the masses, compassing its mainstream appeal and its potential to be a flirtatious dance floor filler.

With a crystal clear, quality sound recording with emphasis on four to the floor dance beats and tantalising lyrical hooks it is easy to say that Talk is going to be a banger. What is more intriguing, though is that beneath the polished exterior lies the pulsing heart of genuine artistic and poetic integrity.

Talk takes innovative and unique turns in an electronic personification of thoughts and feelings. It delves into the perplexing situations that reside within the minds of two people aligned by their past, evolving to climatic resolutions about one’s perception and its impact on reality.

With a stellar production of their debut self titled EP already fermenting in the goodness of their name, Big Creature continue to send audiences into a loved up, adventurous trip that deals with both the human urge to dance and the compulsion to think on an intellectual level. These elements combined act within the perfect model to attack negativity and ascend the mainstream sound to new levels of understanding and ecstasy.

Talk will be available tomorrow so be sure to cut some shapes and feel the fun of this sticky synth pop number. For now, stream the goodness from here and let the pop goodness melt on your tongue.