Lightly toasted and loaded with cheese, Sex On Toast bring dance decadence with their latest EP Ready

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Sex On Toast seeped into the consciousness of many Australians years ago with their wet dream inducing self-titled debut LP. Busy making their rounds on the tour circuit, the Melbourne 10 person crew have left listeners frothing for more of their infectious, sultry tunes.

After spending two years carefully crafting their second coming, their latest treat for us is presented in the form of five-track EP, Ready. Sprinkled with glitter and bedazzled with rhinestones, their latest offering features all kinds of tasty and gooey cheesiness you can imagine, masterfully transported back from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Sex on toast

Pucker up folks, Sex On Toast are here. Charged with pure sexual magnetism, classic rock steeze and more disco cheese than is legally allowed on one record, Ready is an instant dance floor classic.

Incorporating elements of old school rock, jazz, disco, synth-funk and more – Ready is an audio aphrodisiac, paying homage to the anthemic 80s sounds that we grew to know and love. Groovy, light hearted yet heartfelt, it’s the sort of music you want to dance wildly to while you’re alone in your bedroom. At the same time, it’s the kind of music that you want to shamelessly sing to in the car with your windows down. Giving us a glimmer of Bee Gees with their quasi-masculine harmonies, smooth and sensual guitar licks that are reminiscent of 80s Prince, and the head bopping doo-wop goodness of Stevie Wonder – this EP is all that we could hope for while making us desperately yearn for more.

Opening track/lead single, Oh, Loretta! is the embodiment of all the characteristics listed above. Quirky and corny, but in all seriousness taking a jab at 80s romantic classics, the mid-tempo jazzy and soulful funk is a vocally seductive number that immediately arouses the senses. Lyrically though, you’d probably get a slap in the face for serenading a girl with these words nowadays. However, when you hear lines like, “Oh Rebecca, if you were a bus, you’d be a double-decker”, you can’t help but crack a smile at their tenacity. While their tongue-in-cheek humour stands at the fore, the standout component is the oh so smooth Bee Gees-style backing vocals. Pure sex.

Give It To Me certainly has the makings of a classic 80s rock jam. Taking inspiration from some of Prince’s hard rock tracks, it’s the first track of many on Ready that feature a blistering guitar solo from lead guitarist Louis King – something a little reminiscent of Kansas’ 1976 classic, Carry On Wayward Son. A New Orleans-infused piano driven number, Doubt is another track which demands attention. It’s the first Sex on Toast track to feature Johnny Bassoon on an extended bassoon solo, something like Zappa might do. It’s orchestral and it’s ballsy.

The bookend to Ready marks the return of an earlier composition from their debut album, Potential Sexy. Slowed down and held back to a meandering pace, there are elements of 60s pop and 70s disco that swirl around each other in a tornado of glitter and sequin, equal parts camp and macho. It’s a fine closer to and even finer record, the first half of a double edge sword called Rough/Ready. Hopefully they hold off before their next offering though – we need some time to breathe.