DD Dumbo rises from the deep and drops new track ‘Satan’

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Enigmatic characters. We love ’em. Their genius bristling and meandering behind alternative lifestyles and opaque schedules. D D Dumbo (Oliver Perry), why, he’s a muso that’s done the now you see me, now you don’t manoeuvre with such verve to put Radiohead to shame. It’s no wonder that with the delivery of new track ‘Satan’, we’re all aflutter and salivation. It’s a damn beat of a track.


And so from up from the deep, Castlemaine roaring their approval for their champion, Dumbo has unfurled a track so tightly coiled in astral, celestial, losing your nut goodness, there’s a high likelihood he’d be able to create some sort of commune and it would spectacularly flourish.

A raw muso, with a wild, unbridled imagination, Mr. Perry has brought forth a track to tantalise, sooth and question, all in one foul swoop. Imbued within his work has been a larger than reality, uniquely passionate and powerfully quirky force, reverberating from an artist who is unwilling to subscribe to the game, the genre, the dance. D D Dumbo has proven to be a maverick, un-ironically it can be shouted from the roof tops, thank the Lord for his latest number, Satan. May the album be hot on its heels.

To round it off, an oldie but a goodie.