The royalty of rabble Bin Juice sign to Monday Records

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Sydney’s favourite renegades of alternative rock Bin Juice have been busy in the studio working on what will undoubtedly be a pristine collection of gems. All this work, however, has not gone unnoticed and the five piece have just signed with Monday Records, a Sydney based indie label (home to local legends Wells, Spookyland, Pikachunes et al), and are set to take the boys to the next level.


Sydney connoisseurs of psych groove and alt jams, Bin Juice have signed with Monday Records and we’re too excited to witness the fruits of this partnership.

With countless hours of on stage time clocked up and their sprawling Episodes EP’s dominating our earholes, it’s time we saw a little more of the lads and the world saw a little more of them. If you haven’t heard them already, the lads are best described as an eclectic cocktail of psych rock with a crucial element of funk built in to their infectious grooves.

A style that spans genres is not to be taken lightly, Bin Juice have spent years honing and filing down their slick sounds into a fine art and are becoming more and more irresistible to the ravenous crowds of sweaty punters at nightclubs.

This partnership is set to have some exciting implications for fans, so watch this space for releases, shows, clips and tours. Keep an eye out for the self proclaimed pterodactyl lounge music connoisseurs, things are about to get heavy.

You can catch Bin Juice this Friday at The Red Rattler, more info here.