Nostalgia, Mythology, and existentialism: the cocktail that makes up the eclectic “Subject V Object” 

Nostalgia, Mythology, and existentialism: the cocktail that makes up the eclectic “Subject V Object” 

With visuals reminiscent of the projection tunnel of horror in Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka, Soma in motion has crafted artwork from all angles in this new hypnotic release. 

Soma in motion’s new song “Subject v Object” is a fascinating journey into the mind of the artist, Tyson Jay Brant. The song is a reflection of his personal philosophy, as well as his artistic influences, which he has blended together to create a unique and powerful sound.

The track begins with an industrial beat that draws you in, immediately creating a sense of tension and unease. The production is reminiscent of the Berlin underground scene, its raw energy and glitchy aesthetic creating an off-balance sonic atmosphere.. The vocals are delivered with a hypnotic energy that seems to draw the listener deeper into the artist’s psyche.

Soma In Motion 'Subject v Object' single

As the song progresses, it becomes clear that Brant’s influences are eclectic and wide-ranging. He cites philosophers like Joseph Campbell and James Joyce, taking influence from their vast approach to understanding and making sense of the world. Musically, fingerprints from bands like Viagra Boys and artists like Grimes are speckled throughout the unexpected textures across the release. This hodgepodge of influences comes together to create a sound that is truly unique and original, and creates a listening experience where one feels held in the eye of the thunderstorm of Tyson’s creativity.

One of the most striking aspects of “Subject v Object” is the use of samples to convey a message. These samples are drawn from a variety of sources, including speeches and interviews, and they are carefully curated to add depth and meaning to the lyrics. They help to give the song a sense of theatricality and drama, as if the artist is performing on a grand stage.

The visuals that accompany the song are equally captivating. They have a willy wonka horror tunnel quality to them, with a dark and twisted aesthetic that is both beautiful and haunting. Tyson cites influences from pop culture animation like Daria, as well as from artists such as Superorganism and Bo Bhurnam, cementing this sense of 90’s and early 2000’s longing that permeates so many of his interests. The visuals perfectly capture the sense of rebellion and questioning that runs throughout the song.

In many ways, “Subject v Object” is a reflection of the artist himself. Brant is an introverted extrovert who has always felt out of place in the world. He has found solace in poetry, philosophy, and art, and has used these mediums to explore his own sense of self and purpose. His music is a form of therapy, a way to break free from the constraints of small-town life and express himself in a way that is both creative and constructive.

“Subject v Object” is a powerful and thought-provoking song that pushes the bounds of comfort and conformity. It is a reflection of the artist’s personal philosophy and artistic influences, and it showcases his ability to blend these influences together to create something truly unique and original. If you are a fan of industrial music, or simply enjoy music that challenges you to think deeply and critically, then “Subject v Object” is a must-listen, and Soma in motion is on track to being an idol of Mt. Gambier.