SoundID Reference is the next generation of acoustic correction software from Sonarworks

Sonarworks creates software that aims to make mixing decisions more accurate. SoundID Reference and its new features do just that.

Sonarworks, the company known for its room correction software, has launched the next generation: SoundID Reference. The program works as a standalone app and plug-in, with the goal of achieving the most accurate sound possible from your headphones and speakers, by correcting frequency response and accounting for room acoustics.

For speakers, users must measure their listening space with a test microphone. For headphones, Sonarworks has formulated specific profiles for various different headphones. Users need to simply select their headphones when using the program. If their headphones are not on the list, one can send their headphones to Sonarworks for them to make a custom profile for a fee.

SoundID reference

SoundID Reference comes with some new key features. Previous users of the software will be pleased to hear that the long-requested Custom Target feature is now onboard. This allows the user to adjust the reference target curve in real-time to their own custom requirements, cutting specific frequencies and boosting others.

Translation Check is another new feature, which simulates various listening environments, such as in-ear headphones, speakers, smartphones, and more. Don’t worry about having to do the infamous car test when mixing, SoundID Reference has a preset for that.

The software is available on both Windows and Mac OS, with prices varying depending on the configuration the user selects. Prices start at $99 USD for the headphone-only version, $249 USD for the headphone and speaker version, and $299 USD for the previous pack, bundled with a test microphone. Those unsure about the purchase, however, are able to access a 21-day free trial from the Sonarworks website.