Sonia Serin crafts emotive folk-rock brilliance on Dodged A Bullet

It was back in April, with the release of her single London Your A Thief, that we were first introduced to the endearing acoustic rock sounds of Sonia Serin. Serin crafts worlds of sound within each of her tracks; they all branch out into new and exciting sonic territories.

Now, ahead of the release of her debut album U N R E S O L V E D, Serin has unveiled yet another brilliant single, Dodged A Bullet. With the single’s release, she continues to build her penchant for crafting immersive gems of sound.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sonia Serin continues to carve out her own unique brand of folk-rock brilliance on Dodged A Bullet.

On Dodged A Bullet, Sonia Serin showcases her incredible songwriting abilities. She weaves elements of pop, rock, and folk to deliver a sound that will stick with you for weeks. The track feels both dreamy and direct; like a sprawling hallucination in which you’re forced to confront deconstructions in personal relationships.

Communication—or lack thereof—is the primary theme running lyrically throughout this new track. Serin navigates a labrynth of emotional conflict, melding these themes seamlessly with her rich, textured instrumentation.

Dodged The Bullet is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Sonia Serin, and will feature on her upcoming album U N R E S O L V E D. Serin will be launching the record live at Bakehouse Studios in Richmond on November 16th. More info here.

Watch the new live video for Dodged A Bullet above.