Rare Jeff Buckley demo Sky Blue Skin gets an ethereal new video

A couple of months ago we reported on the release of a previously unheard Jeff Buckley demo, Sky Blue Skin.

Now you can listen to the recording alongside a beautiful animated video, featuring photographs, lyrics, and material from his notebooks.

Watch this haunting animated video for a rare Jeff Buckley demo, Sky Blue Skin, featuring photos, lyrics, and personal writings.

Sky Blue Skin was recorded by Buckley during his final recording session in 1996, before his death the following year. It’s a soft, sombre track and Buckley’s voice can be heard speaking at the end, saying: “That’s all, that’s all it is.”

The track has been one of the most sought after rarities by fans for over two decades, and its recent release is part of a massive digital expansion of his catalog for the 25th anniversary of his debut album, Grace.

The video, created by the animation studio Temple Cache, features scraps of intimate material in a high-school locker style, ultimately giving an arresting and ethereal sense of the man himself.

Many of Buckley’s journals, writings, and early song drafts were recently compiled by his mother, Mary Guibert and Rolling Stone senior writer, David Browne, during the process of creating a new book titled, Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice.

Speaking on the journals, Guibert recently described them as, “Part of his processing his own life, very much the same way that I did. I was a massive journal-er. It was my way of putting my confusion on paper and walking away and coming back to clarity. I found it worked, so it was something I passed on.” 

Check out the video below.