SONS OF ZÖKU fuse old-school garage with immensely good vibes on Can Dead Dance

I spend most of my days wishing I was at the beach, in the sun, sipping beers, and kicking back with my mates. But I always have to wake up from this fantasy because I’m a friccin’ adult who needs to pay those bills.

Luckily for me, I’ve recently been turned on to the next best thing; SONS OF ZÖKU’s new EP Can Dead Dance.

SONS OF ZÖKU can dead dance EP

SONS OF ZÖKU’s latest offering Can Dead Dance is full of fuzzy, bright, old-school garage, with no shortage of good times to be found within.

Based out of Adelaide, SA, SONS OF ZÖKU are made up of Ricardo Da Silva, Ica Quintela, Jordan Buck, and Jacob Otto, who together jump through gloriously fuzzed out, psychedelic-tinged, garage rock.

Unsurprisingly, all tracks on the EP were recorded in one day. This comes through in the EP’s charming sense of urgency – like the band are nearing the end of their set, playing as many songs as they possibly can before getting kicked off stage.

Over the course of the five tracks, the band somehow create a perfect balance between frenzied chaos and a sit-around-the-balcony style relaxation. It’s as fitting for my tropical fantasies as it is for the scrappy mosh pits I frequent.

On Mauvause Foi, the four-piece belt through bright, jangly guitar chords and incredibly infectious, lo-fi vocal hooks to deliver a truly memorable surfy alt-garage-pop tune.

Yet on Big Rich Man or Wild Eyes they’re hitting more of a saunter; a lackadaisical take on psych that will whisk you off to somewhere you’d rather be.

SONS OF ZÖKU are currently planning an east coast tour for later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled. If you happen to be around Adelaide this weekend though, catch them at Holy Land, a one-day fest taking place at The Gov.