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Sophia Whitney balances charm and melancholy on her new single Falling

Making her debut as a solo artist, Sophia Whitney has conjured up something incredibly special with here debut single Falling; a dreamy, slow-burning indie-folk throbber like no other.

Photo: Kasey Curmi

Falling has got that delicate and uplifting bittersweet sound which is often hard to capture in the right proportions on a track.

When Falling begins, it doesn’t take long to feel this warm surge of relief wash over you as gentle elements of sustained piano chords pair beautifully with a strum or two from an acoustic guitar in a fragile but embracing way. In perfect timing and without force, the serene tones of Whitney’s voice seem to glide in like a small bird on an autumn morning. Although Sophia Whitney is relatively new to the scene, it feels as if we’re reminiscing with an old friend. Whitney’s music carries a profound ability to provoke indescribable sensations of personal nostalgia.

Upon first listen, Falling gives off this touching sense of familiarity, which reflects Whitney’s ability to compose with authenticity and a unique sense of personality, music which fits perfectly within the indie-folk genre alongside the greats. The chorus definitely has a Julia Jacklin-esque swing to it, which is always a welcome trait.

Whitney is the sort of artist that could easily be imagined capturing the hearts of a group of thousands on a hilltop stage during a lazy Summer afternoon at somewhere like Woodford Folk Festival.  Whitney’s music has an unpredictable emotional pull. Her soaring country-like vocal style is expressed with such clarity and sensitivity that you’ll likely find a few soggy ones rolling down the cheeks to meet the tips of a smile that Whitney is just so effective at conjuring up.

Falling is now available on Spotify and is well worth a focused listen. Check it out below:


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November 7, 2019