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“Soulful and immersive”: Fall into Lilia’s debut single, Bottom of the Ocean

Renowned Perth based artist, Richard Lilje has been making huge waves across the Aussie and international music scene over the last few years, and this week his band Lilia just dropped their killer debut single, Bottom of the Ocean.

If you dig the rich and melodic indie-folk likes of Matt Corby, George Ezra and Matt Gresham, then you’re going to love the stripped back, completely immersive new track from Lilia.

Lilia’s new track, Bottom of the Ocean is a cinematic combination of Lilje’s soaring vocal hooks and an encapsulating fusion of entrancing, Indie rock melodies that intertwine in a perfect reflection of the group’s indefinable take on the genre.

The west coast-dwelling bands mesmerising new track perfectly represents their nuanced fusion of indie folk as we’ve never seen it before. Bottom of the Ocean combines near ethereal harmonies and stripped back guitar hooks that you cannot help but to fall into.

“Richard Lilje started learning guitar at the ripe age of 8. He uses his voice as an instrument to enrich his acoustic Indie/pop/folk style similar to Matt Corby, Jack Johnson and George Ezra. Originally from Melbourne Lilje travelled extensively playing shows all across Europe over the last 3 years.”

Lilia has meticulously worked on creating a sound that is uniquely their own, and manage to completely grasp anyone lucky enough to listen to the soothing melodic soundscapes and soulful vocals.

“2017 brought a new challenge to the 21-year-old at WAAPA studying and spending hours on end in the studio writing and recording to perfect his sound. Already making a lot of noise in the Perth scene 2018 looks to be filled with more national and international touring off the back of new music.”

“I bring the songs to the band and then we pull them apart a bit and have some fun making my solo things sit nicely with a full band. Now 3 of the 4 of us live together and have a lot of house jams now. “

Listen to their incredible new track below!


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November 9, 2018

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