Sound Of Silence: a new support campaign for musicians in need

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost in the Aussie music industry due to cancellations caused by COVID-19, and key players have banded together to create Sound Of Silence; an initiative launched by labels, radio stations, booking companies, and artist managers aiming to save the industry.

I Lost My Gig is continuously tracking the devastating losses. At the time of publishing, the tally sits at $280 million, with over 500,000 people impacted by the cancellations and closures.

Sound of Silence was set up by Support Act, with the goal to aid some of the millions of lost income to our artists and music professionals.

CEO of Support Act Clive Miller released a statement saying, “Artist crew and music workers are facing a bleak and uncertain future and are also some of the most vulnerable with regards to mental wellbeing.

“Please help us to support our music workers through this difficult period and help them be in a position to bounce back louder and prouder than ever once the pandemic has passed.”

Not long ago we saw artists band together to help us through their bushfire fundraiser gigs to raise money for our firefighters, wildlife and those affected. Now it’s time to support them.

Here’s how Sound of Silence says you can help.

If you can spare the money, donate to Support Act here.

You can buy a T-shirt from Sound of Silence and read more about the initiative here.

Support local artists through Bandcamp.

Spread the word about I Lost My Gig.

Buy your fave artists’ merch or music.

Buy your fave music photographers’ prints here.

Share your favourite songs with your friends.

Save your pennies for when the events are rescheduled.