Soundwave replacement Legion Festival confirms stage dedicated solely to Aussie music

After only being announced last week, Legion Festival event organiser Josh Sankey (Devil You Know) has now announced that in support of established and emerging local Aussie acts, there will be a whole stage dedicated to our homegrown talent.

Cancelled Festival

Legion was initiated after the rapid fall of Soundwave and the cancellation of the 2016 event, which saw a number of local and international acts rally together to organise an event without the use of a promoter. The event is now being spearheaded by Sankey, who is currently scouting venue locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as rounding up a line-up.

Snaky said “You have spoken (shouted!) and we have heard. The massive amount of requests for local Aussie heavy acts to be added to the bill this week has been just ridiculous. So, the team today decided to do something about it.”

“More info to come as we finalise the overall line-up and gather more details, but we are proud to confirm that we have now added an additional stage to the festival that will give local Australian and emerging acts an opportunity to perform. We will announce soon how bands can apply so stay tuned.”

As the event is going forward without a promoter, Sankey has initiated a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to ensure the event can go ahead. You can check it out here.