WIN TICKETS to SPLINTER @ the Chippendale Hotel

The dudes who brought you the crazy Australia Day festival alternative Bad Day OutExploding Heads are once again sticking it to AJ Maddah and bringing a huge interstate lineup of acts to The Chippendale Hotel on July the 26th. Headlined by Sydney group Dead China Doll and featuring Happy favourites Cull and Roku Music (Bris), the event should be the calendar centrepiece of all Sydneysiders who like their music loud. Seriously guys, put Splinter in your diary for July the 26th.


Splinter: a miniature festival with a better lineup, reasonable ticket price, a chilled out location and NO LINES. See below to WIN A DOUBLE PASS!

Dead China Doll make heavy, sprawling, hypnagogic 9 minute songs, and have been around for yonks – I remember seeing these guys on bills when I was a wee lad. Influenced by doom and drone from the likes of OM, Sunn O))) and Boris, their music straddles the border between lengthy 00’s post-rock aesthetic and miserable post-hardcore – their eerie, effected breakdowns come to something close to early Modest Mouse meeting MONO. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then read on, because there are another 10 bands on the bill.

Scul Hazzards outta Melbourne bring more of a classic sludge vibe to the festival with their loose stringed antics and a huge variety of distorted tones. Not quite noise rock, but far from metal, there’s a lot to explore in a Scul Hazzards record – give em a listen here at their bandcamp. Also they probably won’t be back in Sydney for ages so catch em while you can. Yes I’m Leaving produce something more akin to punk – full of spunk, incredibly fervent about something in both their vocal delivery and their music, they’re the kinda band that makes you wanna say naughty words.

scul hazzard

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Bare Grillz represent a side of the lineup that begins to take a strange turn. None of these acts can be pigeonholed into anything other than generally ‘heavy’ music, but Bare Grillz take this uniqueness one step further. Nutty drumbeats, guitar noodling worthy of something more math rock than a band called Bare Grillz would ever let on and instrumentals that could be ripped straight from that Repeater vinyl sitting in your cool older cousin’s room that you’ve never had the guts to nick.

Narrow Lands and Tanned Christ share an affinity for the speedy, skitzed out side of heavy music, while Lovely Head (of No Art) and Bone (Melbourne) slow things down to a crawl with the salty sounds of alternative guitar electronics and sludgy low end something-core respectively. And of course you already know all about psych band Cull and shoegaze Brisbanties Roku Music because we literally don’t shut up about them here at Happy.

To win, hit up our photo on Facebook at this link – simply like, comment or share the photo for your chance to win two tickets! If you don’t fancy your chances, check out the links below for more info on Exploding Heads, Splinter, and of course purchase some tickets. Winners will be announced on Monday the 16th of June.