Squirrel Flower teases ‘Tomorrow’s Fire’ with stunning new single “Alley Light”

Wrap your eyes and earholes around the urban gem that is Squirrel Flower’s  “Alley Light”

Multi-instrumentalist Squirrel Flower, the musical alter ego of Chicago’s own Ella Williams, unveils her latest gem, “Alley Light,” extracted from the forthcoming masterpiece ‘Tomorrow’s Fire,’ slated for release on October 13th under Polyvinyl and Mirror Records.

“Alley Light,” is a pure drop of indie pop goodness, that manages to hold a strong vintage charm while simultaneously feeling as modern as hell. Encapsulating the familiar pangs of urban loss in a rapidly changing world, the track poignantly reflects the transient nature of 21st-century city life, where storefronts vanish in the blink of an eye.

Accompanying the single is a stunning music video, created by Weird Life Productions. The video features Williams transformed into an urban welder navigating late-night streets, evoking the vibe of a part ‘Flashdance’ part neo-noir Chicago heist movie.

Williams sheds light on the inspiration behind “Alley Light,” sharing, “This song is about the man in me, or a man who I love, or a man who is a stranger to me.”

Drawing from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, who can capture a lifetime’s story in a few minutes, ‘Tomorrow’s Fire’ showcases Squirrel Flower’s equally strong song writing chops, narrating the tale of a man with a doomed car and a partner yearning for something beyond.

From her indie folk roots, Squirrel Flower has embraced a rock-infused sound for ‘Tomorrow’s Fire.’ The album promises to be something to keep an eye out for.

Look forward to the release of ‘Tomorrow’s Fire’ on October 13th, and in the meantime, immerse yourself in a little urban gold urban that is “Alley Light” above.