Mitch Rowlands drops ‘Bluebells’ a straight up musical hug of perfect indie pop

Prepare to hit that musical sweet spot as Mitch Rowland introduces a modern indie pop revival like no other.

After killing us softly with his recent single release ‘Come June’ which positively blew our tiny minds, his sweet soft vocals reminiscent of our fav indie legend Elliott Smith, Mitch Rowland offers up a modern man version of the 90’s era of indie pop.

Mitch sure knows how to hit that musical sweet spot, and luckily we don’t have to wait too much longer before we can hear a whole lot more.

Mitch’s debut album ‘Come June’ is set to hit your ears on October 6th, thanks to Erskine Records/Giant Music. But that’s not even the best part. Mitch has been riding the music waves with none other than Harry Styles, his longtime partner in crime. So, you know this album’s got some serious mojo behind it.

But before the album drop, Mitch has delivered up another taste of whats to come, in the form of ‘Bluebells,’ a pure cinematic alt pop blend mixed with a modern edge that hits you right in the feels.

But what’s really cool is the backstory.  ‘Bluebells’ was the first song he wrapped up when he found out he was going to be a dad. Picture this: stranded in the English countryside, bluebells in full bloom, and a profound sense of warmth. Yep, it’s a musical hug right there.

Mitch’s musical journey started when he ventured out from Ohio to the City of Angels, where he turned his passion into his compass. The plot thickens in 2016 – picture this guy washing dishes at a pizza joint, almost ready to toss his music dreams out the window. Then, enter Harry Styles. This musical partnership was like lightning in a bottle, giving birth to hits like ‘Meet Me In The Hallway,’ ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ and ‘Golden.’ Oh, and that’s where he met his wife and future bandmate, drummer Sarah Jones.

‘Come June’ is more than just an album. It’s the start of something big for Mitch Rowland. He started weaving this sonic tapestry back in 2019, pouring his heart into it. The album’s title track set the tone, but it took a back seat while he was on the road with Styles. And then, bam, the pandemic hit, and solitude became the muse. With a little nudge from his creative compass, Sarah, Mitch crafted the rest of the tracks, giving life to ‘Come June.’