Big Skeez announces debut mixtape and throws us the fresh banger ’90’s Baby’ featuring DatBreddaDom

Introducing a rising force straight out of Eora’s creative hub – Big Skeez, the name that’s about to light up your playlist.

Brace yourselves, because Big Skeez is dropping his debut mixtape, “Work Don’t Stop,” soon via the illustrious NLV Records.

But hey, that’s not all – he’s throwing in a fresh banger too, the infectious ’90’s Baby’ featuring the one and only DatBreddaDom.

“Work Don’t Stop” isn’t just another release in the sea of music. Nope, it’s a sonic masterpiece that’s chiseled with originality, all the while wrapped in a shared experience that’s unapologetically rooted in community vibes.

Big Skeez doesn’t shy away from the spotlight; he’s been rubbing shoulders with global luminaries like Obongjayar, J Hus, and the sensational Burna Boy. Effortlessly blending diverse genres like Afrobeat, Dancehall, Reggae, and R&B, he’s basically a musical globetrotter, inspired by the sounds of Africa and beyond, thanks to his folks and those hand-me-down tracks from his siblings.

This debut mixtape is poised to showcase Big Skeez’s raw creativity and it all starts with ’90’s Baby (ft DatBreddaDom).’ According to the man himself, the track is all about good times with your crew, making memories that last a lifetime.

Picture this: Big Skeez and Dom vibing in his Sydney studio, spinning some unreleased magic. That’s when ’90’s Baby’ takes center stage – Dom was so into it that he hopped on with his slick verse, all recorded in one electrifying night.

With his most recent track ‘Go Back Home’ Big Skeez let his introspective side shine. But with ‘90’s Baby (ft DatBreddaDom),’ he’s got his sights set on the present moment. With crisp beats,  and catchy pop vocals – it’s like a recipe for instant addiction. And guess what? It’s just a sneak peek into the sonic treasure trove that is his upcoming mixtape.

Brace yourselves, because this release isn’t just music; it’s Big Skeez baring his soul, grounded in reality.