Tia Gostelow provides some relief from a sleepless night with ‘Head Noise’

Talented Aussie artist, Tia Gostelow, has just unveiled her much-awaited third album titled “Head Noise.”

Aussie artist Tia Gostelow is back in the spotlight with her third album “Head Noise.”

Teaming up with Chris Collins, the creative force behind Middle Kids and Skeggs, Gostelow brings us a collection of ten tracks that delve deep into the highs and lows of human emotions and real-life experiences.

From heartbreak to self-discovery, the album covers a range of relatable themes, and notably, Gostelow isn’t shying away from addressing her battle with anxiety.

She hopes that “Head Noise” can offer solace to those sleepless nights when the mind just won’t quiet down. In her words, the album might just provide some relief from that relentless late-night noise.

Recognizable tracks like ‘Spring To Life,’ ‘Sour,’ ‘Early Twenties,’ and the irresistibly catchy ‘I’m Getting Bored Of This’ are all part of the lineup. Each track seems to extend a hand, inviting listeners to share in the universal experiences explored within the album.

With “Head Noise,” Tia Gostelow underscores her genuine and relatable presence in the music scene. Her album serves as a reminder that everyone battles their own “head noise,” and her music is here to let you know that you’re not navigating it alone.

Watch Gostelow’s sublime cover of Alice cooper’s “Poison” below.