Groundstate delivers harmonious dissonance in ‘Things We Leave Unsaid’

Sibling duo Groundstate present an alt – metal invitation to get lost in a head-banging trance.

Hailing from Bay Village, OH, the Smith brothers have emerged with an album that belies their youth, radiating a maturity and musical finesse that would earn nods of approval even from seasoned bands.

There’s an undeniable intrigue when it comes to musical siblings, and Groundstate confidently steps into this realm alongside celebrated acts like Kings of Leon and The Cribs. Leaning toward a hard rock/soft alt metal vibe, they are carving a niche by blending the driving force of guitar-driven rock with the contemplative essence of soft metal.


Groundstate’s third record, “Things We Leave Unsaid,” unfolds under the guidance of producer Jim Wirt from 4th Street Recording in Los Angeles, renowned for shaping sounds for luminaries like Hoobastank, Incubus, and Fiona Apple.

Released under Auspicious Recordings banner, there is a lot to love about an album that finds its sweet spot somewhere nestled between the landscapes of emotive hard rock and soft metal. Picture introspective lyrics seamlessly merged with the genre’s aggressive instrumentation, and that pretty much sums “Things We Leave Unsaid,” up.

Kick starting this indie rock expedition, “Floating Away” gets the journey going with a head-banging fervour, inviting listeners into a realm of grunge-infused anthems. Melodic hooks intertwine with emotionally charged lyrics, drawing you into their narrative, while the guitar riffs carve an identity that’s both innovative and contemporary.

“Out The Window” solidifies the album’s foundation with a guitar-driven vigour. The harmonic convergence of vocals echoes the track’s theme of self-doubt and triumphant emergence from it. Shades of Metallica peek through, steering the track toward a weightier expanse of hard rock.

In “Perfect Timing,” charging guitars once again seize the spotlight, propelling the track to an impassioned vocal climax. “World Around You” ups the ante, amplifying both vocals and guitar prowess, showcasing the what has to be the ten thousand hours the brothers have invested in refining their craft. Here, powerful riffs and an aggressive sonic landscape reign supreme.


“Same Mistakes” pivots to let the drums take center stage, unveiling a rhythmically masterful core. Guided by seamless guitar work and poignant storytelling, the track unveils Groundstate’s prowess not just as musicians but as lyrical storytellers.

“Winning Numbers” introduces an unexpected twist, fusing subtle pop nuances with the band’s signature metallic resonance. The lyrical depth resonates, a reminder that Groundstate’s essence transcends genre, charting a course through emotions.

A momentary shift arrives with “Worth Saving,” infusing lighter pop shades while retaining its metal core. This paves the way for “Moving On,” a track that artfully entwines layered guitars with an emotionally charged resonance.

“Persona” emerges as a standout, a reminiscence of the band’s core strengths in the guitar-driven metal landscape. It’s an invitation to get lost in a head-banging trance, fully immersed in the evocative journey that defines exceptional soft metal.

“Mirrors” continues this captivating sonic exploration, showcasing the band’s knack for astute album placement. The merging of emotive hard rock with the gentler shades of metal yields a harmonious blend, guiding listeners through peaks of raw emotion and valleys of vulnerability.

The album closes with “Simple Head,” a track that succinctly categorises Groundstate’s position in the realm of rock. Their ability to bring a breath of fresh air to established traditions cements their role as contemporary torchbearers in the hard rock and soft metal sphere, carving a path for the next generation.

“The Things We Leave Unsaid” stands as a captivating journey through the heart of emotion, executed with precision, authenticity, and a profound appreciation for the genre’s legacy. This album is not merely a statement; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of human experience through the lens that’s both relatable and uniquely their own.

Wrap your entire being around “The Things We Leave Unsaid” below.