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THE BUS+ compressor: SSL revives a studio icon

Aside from its consoles, SSL is famous for its often-emulated bus compressor. Now it’s back in an innovative new form. Meet THE BUS+.

SSL perfected the art of the large format console in the 1970s. While each channel strip of an SSL has serious processing power, the bus compressor had an equally formidable reputation for being the superglue that held entire mixes together. Now SSL has revived this unit, announcing the arrival of THE BUS+ compressor.

Presented in a 2U rackmount enclosure, THE BUS+ is designed to fit into a modern studio workflow (where a large console isn’t likely to be the control room’s centrepiece). Make no mistake though: it’s still built on the foundations of the original.

SSL THE BUS+ compressor

While the circuitry of the original SSL bus compressor is central to the character of this unit, SSL has ensured that you can have your cake and eat it too, with a number of welcome updates. You can run the unit in stereo, dual mono, or mid-side configurations, plus, there are side-chain inputs and sends for more flexibility in function and routing.

Mastering engineers will love the extensive dynamic EQ capabilities on offer, with 16 selectable frequency points per band (which can be bypassed on an individual basis), as well as compression and expansion modes.

All in all, THE BUS+ offers up a new level of flexibility, control, and creative options for a stereo bus, or even an entire mix.

For all the details, head over to SSL.