St. South brings thrilling originality to the warmth of familiar electro-soul with her luscious new track, Got Me

There’s an inherent comfort in familiarity. Be it the enhanced warmth of a bed at home or the ecstatic frequency of a lover’s laughter, the more something is understood, the deeper our appreciation is able to infiltrate.

Out of Western Australia, a new breath of life is whispered into an increasingly identifiable Australian sound. St. South is the diminutive voice who just racked up over 30,000 plays on Spotify with her dreamy electro-soul anthem, Got Me.

St South

Got Me is the heartbreakingly delicate new single from Fremantle songstress St. South – luscious enough to send you into an unyielding zen trace.

With roots in our Chet Fakers and beyond, Aussie electro-soul just feels so close to home in 2016 that every drop in its crystal clear ocean feels like elation. Don’t be fooled by her understated approach, however, Olivia Gavranich under her moniker is showering the electro-soul landscapes with tracks so luscious, one listen is enough to lull you into unyielding trance.

Introducing us to the bright white sheets of Got Me, the slightly muddy fuzz of minimal keyboard chords is the warmest touch imaginable, soon blooming into what acts as the harmonic foundation for the remainder of the track. Layers are continually added to the fold with such subtlety and refinement, it seems as though the song’s crescendo is simply a work of magic.

Of course, what great song would be complete without a sensual sax breakdown? Certainly not this one, and like clockwork, our yearning hearts are fulfilled by the breezy ease of a new sax melody mid song, allowing the track to reach its apex in the smoothest way imaginable.

Having already racked up some serious Spotify lovin’ and even had her previous single, Slacks featured in an episode of teen drama, Vampire Diaries, it’s safe to say St. South is on an upward spiral that doesn’t show any signs of straightening out.

Choosing to spend her time in a Fremantle bedroom, carefully crafting the dazzling and emotive tracks that make up her ever-increasing discography, St. South is a humble and quiet figure in her subtleties but is undoubtedly at the apex of her craft and sits high with the likes of Vera Blue and even SAFIA in the game of electro-soul.

To see yet another artist adding a fresh stitch to the rich tapestry that is Australia’s increasingly unique electro scene is truly delightful and Got Me could very well be one of the most delicious tracks of 2016 thus far. Keep your eyes well and truly peeled for St. South, we certainly can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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