Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: The Buoys, Mashd N Kutcher and Sunsick Daisy

The weather has been particularly miserable this week, but there has been one shimmering silver lining in the form of Happy’s Staff Picks. 

Nothing quite nourishes the soul like news of a long-awaited album or surprise single, and there’s been no shortage of these sonic treats even amid gloomy skies.  

From the return of electro-pop lords to the debut of soon-to-be stars, this week’s Staff Picks is brimming with stellar tunes, thankfully just in time for what is hopefully a sunlit weekend (doubtful).

Happy Mag's Staff Picks Sunsick Daisy
Sunsick Daisy. Credit: Credit: Evie Wonder

In any case, the Happy Mag staff have rounded up our selection of the best new music to come out of the week that was. So pop on your headphones or pull out your JBL speaker, because we’re coming in hot with a killer batch of recent music with our Staff Picks. 

Mashd N Kutcher — It’s Alright 

You know the guys who released a remix of Premier Dan Andrews’ COVID press conferences? Well, they’re back this month with a feel-good dance anthem It’s Alright.

With its old school disco vibes and catchy lyrics, the single is a welcome return to form from Mashd N Kutcher. Dig in below. 

GRXCE — What U Want

As if 2023 wasn’t mammoth enough for them already, indie pop quartet GRXCE have somehow outdone themselves with What U Want, an electric new single that tackles the topic of feminism with tongue-in-cheek ferocity. Listen below. 


Smooth R&b beats and enrapturing vocals form the basis of Help Myself, the single lifted from EDY’s album, EDYONTHEBEAT LP.

Pairing simmering production with impactful messages, the New Zealand artist’s debut is a 12-track journey through the mind of its creator, and marks his most intimate offering yet. 

Reckless Coast — Bad Habits

Equally unkickable as its title suggests, Bad Habits is the addictive new single from Brisbane trio Reckless Coast.

Brimming with an infectious 70’s spirit and surf-esque energy, the track feels like a blend of Foo Fighters and Bad//Dreems. Those are big shoes to fill, but Reckless Coast pull it off with finesse. 

Quinny — Boxing Day Bells  

Offering solace for those to whom Christmas isn’t always a celebration, Boxing Day Bells sees Quinny deliver a profound message. The Melbourne singer-songwriter offers a sonic hug to his listeners, while refining his distinct indie pop sound. 

Holiday Sidewinder — Ripe

Building upon the island holiday dystopia established with her last two releases, Ripe finds Holiday Sidewinder at her most resplendent.

With its flirtatious lyrics and glam-metal guitar hooks, the latest taste of Holiday’s upcoming EP The Last Resort is the ultimate summertime romp. 

Wilding — Same Old Day

Wilding knows about the everyday struggles we all face, from simply getting off the couch to trying (and failing) to eat healthy.

The Melbourne musician bottles up those struggles on Same Old Day, a guitar-pop single that, for all its lamentations, is a thrillingly bouncy and charming number that showcases Wilding’s flair for discordant art-rock swagger. Peep the track (and delicious-looking cover art) below. 

Sunsick Daisy — Breathe In… Breathe Out

Anchored by a heavenly palette of shoegaze-inspired melancholy, Sunsick Daisy’s debut EP Breathe In… Breathe Out marks the official arrival of Adelaide’s most promising pop-rock ensemble.

Spanning haunting cuts to infectious hooks, the five-song project proves that Sunsick Daisy are certainly worth the hype. 


Sensational Pop and high-octane Heavy Metal, drenched in a dark atmosphere of vocals, synthesizers, and guitars, mix that with a dose of of sci fi rock, and voila – Angels.


Matilda Pearl ft. Hey! Astro — SUPERSTAR 

Matilda Pearl taps Hey! Astro for SUPERSTAR, a glittery new single that sees the Melbourne singer channel her inner-diva atop gritty electric guitars and soft acoustics.

Like always, Pearls’ addictive hooks and playful lyricism steal the spotlight, with Hey! Astro’s honeyed vocals adding the cherry on top of the cake. 

The Buoys — Settle Petal

By now we’ve come to expect the head-thrashing revelry and nonstop joy that defines The Buoys, but the four-piece add new contours to their sound on Settle Petal.

With its infectious chorus, exhilarating riffs and incisive lyricism, the single refines The Buoys’ trademark indie while delivering a no nonsense rock attitude from start to finish.