Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: The Vaccines, HARRISON, Good Pash and more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staff Picks, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases.

Another week comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly anticipated releases from The Vaccines, Good Pash and Briston Maroney to the debut single ‘Exit Stage Left’ by HARRISON, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

kenzie from welly

Good Pash – Money City

Money City makes me want to lay in the rain, run away from home and do all the other things the main character does in this chaotic-folk-garage-indie single Money City, an ode to the ever-increasing cost of living.

HARRISON – Exit Stage Left

The debut single from HARRISON has a sneaky, cheeky Strokes feel to it, giving us a taste of what’s to come in his 3-track record, set to release late October

Good Sniff – Theft on Pig Street

Theft on Pig Street is inspired by a bystanders perspective of bank robberies and police engagement of the 70s-90s.

It’s the perfect mix of surf-rock and Good Sniff’s earlier punk sound.

The Vaccines – Heartbreak Kid

Ahead of their sixth studio album, The Vaccines have released the single Heartbreak Kid, showing us the vibes that are incoming, fun-sounding songs that explore the ways life lets us down.

Briston Maroney – Ultrapure

These songs are about a type of pain I hate and love, but mostly have a deep appreciation for” explains Briston Maroney, on his latest album, Ultrapure.

The songs are both upbeat and devastating, with an all-round sweet feeling.

Kenzie from Welly ft POETIK – No Hype

No Hype is somehow both hard-hitting and effortless.

Teaming up with her cousin, POETIK, Kenzie from Welly continues to show us that she is cooler than cool.

Mereki – Twin Flame

Known for her ‘pop with purpose’ the latest release from Mereki is as fun and upbeat as it is delicate and fragile.

Fletcher Gull – Songs From Before

The debut album from Fletcher Gull is a beautifully sweet, Australian indie-folk collection of songs from before his descent into madness and back again.

Claps – Claps

The self-titled debut EP from Claps takes listeners on a journey through their musical experimentation, with genres ranging from jazz-fusion to prog-rock.

Jayden Seeley – Day Job

The deliciously pop-punk and ridiculously fun song Day Job signifies Jayden Seeley’s solo artistry after gaining a following from With Confidence.

ZADA – Sweet Things In Life

The latest single from ZADA truly lives up to its name Sweet Things In Life.

The R&B singer lulls you to sleep with her smooth-flowing vocals and glittery music.