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Staying connected without cables: the XS Wireless Digital range from Sennheiser

In creating or listening to audio, it’s fair to say that we’ve grown accustomed to life without the hassle of cables. With their XS Wireless Digital series, Sennheiser is making cutting the cord even easier, providing cable-free solutions for all kinds of sonic creation.

Whether you’re plugging in a guitar or keyboard, creating video content, singing into a hand-held mic or using a lavalier mic for a presentation, the XS Wireless Digital range can be augmented or minimised to suit your creative needs. XS Digital Hand held mic

Sennheiser’s XS Wireless Digital range offers a one-stop solution for wireless audio creation. Easy to use, lightweight and tailored to your needs.

Fab Four

There is a quartet of sets in the XS Wireless Digital range for stage and rehearsal to choose from. For guitarists, there’s the XSW-D Pedalboard Set. This set comprises of a 1/4″ jack transmitter that plugs into your guitar (or you can use the provided extension cable and clip the transmitter to your belt) and a receiver that plugs into your stompboxes.

Being a set that’s designed for pedalboards, the receiver is designed to slot seamlessly in front of your existing effects chain. Best of all, the receiver has a built-in tuner, which is activated via a footswitch, muting the incoming signal.

The XSW-D Instrument Base Set is a slightly pared-back version of the Pedalboard Set, designed for guitarists that want to plug straight into their amp. But being a 1/4″ jack transmitter, there’s no barrier to using it for other instruments, so don’t be afraid to strap on that keytar, or plug in that synth!XS Digital guitar system

The XSW-D Vocal Set combines Sennheiser’s microphone prowess with wireless technology. The XS 1 cardioid dynamic microphone offers up robust performance for live music. The XLR transmitter plugs directly into the base of the mic, while the receiver plugs into the mixing desk.

XSW-D Lavalier Set is just the ticket for presentations. It has the same XLR connectors of the Vocal Set but swaps out the hand-held mic for the ME2-II Lavalier mic. The mic simply clips onto the lapel of the speaker and connects to the transmitter, which can itself be clipped onto a belt.

User-Friendly Features

The XS Wireless Digital range is aimed at the entry-level market and as such, they’re packed with features that make them portable, user-friendly and versatile.

For instance, when you first open the box, all you need to do is switch on the transmitter and receiver and they’re instantly connected. Then you just plug them in wherever they need to go. Sennheiser has even made that process as simple to follow as possible, with icons that denote camera, microphone, mixing desk and so on.

The proportions of the transmitters and receivers also make them convenient to operate straight out of the box. You can literally plug transmitters straight into your guitar or microphone and plug the receiver straight into the input of a mixing desk. They take up about half the size of a pen and require no further attachments. Charging is via the included USB cable and should last 5 hours before needing to recharge. XS Digital receivers

You can even mix and match transmitters and receivers. For example, if you want to connect a guitar jack transmitter to an XLR receiver, all you have to is hold down the on/off on the transmitter, until the LED starts blinking. Repeat the process on the receiver and when both LEDs become solid green, that’s it! You’ve made a jack to XLR connection. A receiver can also “remember” up to four different transmitters. That way, a single XLR receiver can accommodate signals from a lavalier mic, hand-held mic or a guitar.

The XS Wireless Digital selection for stage and rehearsal delivers ease of use, peace of mind and most importantly, freedom to roam.

For more details, visit the Sennheiser website.