Step into Pigo Lin’s fantasy: a surrealist love-child of manga and erotica

For a day job, Taiwan-based artist Pigo Lin works as a professional watch designer. In his spare time, Lin indulges in another relatively traditional line of creativity – erotic art.

With a Masters in Fine Arts from the National Taiwan Normal University, Lin creates a wide array of colourful and cartoonish soft erotica illustrations. Lin, who posts regularly on Instagram, imbues his work with a heavy dose of Pop surrealism in a style that seems like a mixture of anime and guro, the gore art of Japanese rebellion.

erotica manga Pigo Lin
Magical Finger

Unafraid to share his fantasies of twisted erotica, Pigo Lin transmits his thoughts to the world through a series of manga-inspired illustrations.

In Lin’s Private Jet, a female astronaut ejects jets of fluids from her breasts and vagina while floating in space. Lin also plays with the Pokémon franchise by picturing Pikachu with a human face blasting out of a young man’s pants.

This sexual humour also surfaces in Handjob, in which a giant female hand reaches down to pull a lever that stands in for the penis of a naked man lying on a bed. And in a piece titled, Shake your hands, be a friendly gesture, two smiling, pantless men stand beside each other with their hands behind their backs, and extend arms from where their genitalia should be.

“Erotica is an interesting topic to me,” Lin tells The Creators Project, saying that he originally decided to create erotic-themed illustrations back in 2015. He was inspired by Japanese comics, particularly the work of Japanese erotic art masters Toshio Saeki and Suemiro Maruo.

Shake your hands, be a friendly gesture
Share is one of my virtues
Pikachu Ball
Eye Mask
Crystal Ball
Private Jet

This article originally appeared on The Creator’s Project. Read the rest of the interview here.