Steve Carrell, Janelle Monae, and Seth Rogan help pay for Minnesota protestors' bail costs

Steve Carrell, Janelle Monae, and Seth Rogan help pay for Minnesota protestors’ bail costs

A number of A-list celebrities have donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which offers financial assistance to help pay the bail costs for protesters who have been arrested

The fund was established in the wake of the widespread protests that have swept across America after the brutal death of George Floyd, and has already received donations from celebrities like Janelle Monae, Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen, Jameela Jamil, and Noname.


A number of A-list celebrities have contributed donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helps pay the bail costs for protestors arrested by police.

The protests were sparked in response to the killing of George Floyd, who was suffocated to death by a Minnesota police officer on May 25th.

While the guilty officer has since been arrested and formally charged, protests have continued to wage on, fighting against police brutality and systemic racial biases.

Many celebrities have been extremely vocal about their support for the protest and the Black Lives Matter movement, extending this support to financial aid in the form $1000 dollar donations.

Since last Wednesday, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has received tens of thousands of dollars worth of donations. Celebrities have been posting screen shots of their donations to social media, raising awareness for the charity group and urging their followers to match them.

According to Octavia Smith, the fund’s emeritus board president, the fund has managed to raise about $20 million in four days.

Check out the work being done by the Minnesota Freedom Fund and donate here.