Stevie Nicks interviewed Lana Del Rey and the result is as beautiful and dream-like as you’d expect

The undeniably dream-like combination of Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks have once again joined forces, for a recording of a slightly different kind. 

With the release date of Lust For Life still yet to be announced, the wait to hear the collaboration of Dely Rey and Nicks on track Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems couldn’t feel any longer if it tried. Luckily, the pair have engaged in a recent interview for V Magazine, with Nicks interviewing Del Rey about the new record, and life through an artist’s eyes. 

Image credit: V Magazine

With Nicks stating that her and Del Rey are “witchy sisters” it’s only improbable that the interview follows closely behind their intoxication with music, message of positivity and just a general love for each other.

Having grown up in two eras on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, it’s amazing to see how like-minded the pair are and how naturally the conversation flows between the two of them. The transcript of the interview is like two life-long friends catching up over coffee, making the discussion of much deeper issues seem light-hearted, positive and as if there is hope amongst all of humanity.

These two great musical minds touch base on philosophy, time, evolution and keeping up with contemporary society, all while sharing some light on the world today in contrast with a generation ago.

Read the full, exclusive interview here: V Magazine