STFD recap: eye masks, live projections, and jams for days

STFD recap: eye masks, live projections, and jams for days

We’re back on the gig train, folks. Check out what went down when we invited Fascinator and Gypsys of Pangea to play a sit-down show at the Marly in Newtown.

Here we are – the new normal. Turns out it’s not so bad after all! On Friday night Happy put on our first gig since March, returning to the Marly in Newtown for a sold-out STFD featuring Fascinator and Gypsys of Pangea.

Both artists took the format and ran with it, bringing their own creative flair to the seated gig Sydney has come to love.

Upon entry, the venue was dimly lit and rapturous with anticipation. The room had a feeling this was a first gig back for many, the crowd reeling at their chance to see some live music after months in short supply.

Gypsys of Pangea were up first, scoring their set with some live projections courtesy of a man named Moses. As their cosmic, watery jams swelled through the room, we were treated to images of automated machinery and long desert highways, a perfect side dish.

It was their first gig back in 11 months, but the Gypsys were hardly out of practice. Tight breakdowns synced perfectly to thought-provoking visuals, an all-out sensory experience that left the crowd hungry for more.

Fascinator soon took the stage solo, opening with a lengthy instrumental jam, switching between Stratocaster and a space-age MIDI guitar as the song grew wilder and wilder.

Upon starting the next song, a Fascinator’s little helper circled the room with eye masks, telling us to cover up and enjoy the “3D sonic experience”, to which the room happily complied. Drifting around the audience with flute in hand, his liquid melodies made for an experience that was half-performance, half-trip, all class.

If you missed the show, don’t fret. We’ll be doing it all again with Step-Panther and Mac the Knife of Friday 13 November, also at the Marly. Grab your tickets here before they sell out.