On The Stoop premiere the video for Theme Song

Alternative Gypsy Cabaret. Didn’t catch that? Then let me say that again. Alternative, Gypsy Cabaret. It’s a genre of music, and as the name suggests it is a bizarre one at that. And no one does it better than Sydney band On The Stoop. The nine piece released their debut album late last year, and finally we are treated to the glorious, equally eccentric video clip for the first single Theme Song.

On The Stoop

Beemers, babes and Bulldogs fans, On The Stoop follow up their impressively chaotic debut album with the equally polarizing clip for Theme Song.

Led by the polite and incredible Serge Stanley, On The Stoop are a band that puts an overwhelming amount of love into their craft. Theme Song is a chaotic piece propelled by a snaking bass and an army of brass instruments. The howling, shrieking, and what may well be gorilla grunting that jump out unexpectedly throughout may be a little jarring at first, and I’d be worried if you felt otherwise, but after a few listens these vocal outbursts become quite at home on the track. Throw in a neat little drum solo and you have quite a track, and one that does a damn fine job of welcoming the uninitiated to the world of On The Stoop.

The film clip for Theme Song may be the most random clip this young editor has seen. Shot out in the suburbs you may well find yourself going slightly insane trying to decipher the meaning behind the video for Theme Song. We have a pair of dancers boogying like it’s nobody’s business, two men locked in the friendliest drag race known to man, On The Stoop themselves crammed into a compact car, clips of an old video game (I want to say Driver or maybe the first Grand Theft Auto*) and…Spiderman?

Yeah, it is a bit of a doozy. Is there actually a narrative to this? Compared to this clip, the meaning behind Mulholland Drive is much, much easier to discern. Are the dancers entangled in some sort of forbidden love yet kept apart by a bitter family feud a la Montagues and Capulets? Who are these drag racing men, and why do they race so slowly? Why is Spidey so far from New York? These questions may bump around in your noggin for a while, but eventually you’ll come to realise that there is one reason for all these things. It’s fun.

This clip is a tonne of fun to engage with. Sure, it is a little crazy and it seemingly makes no sense what so ever, but you’ll be damned if it doesn’t get a good chuckle out of you. In a world saturated in moody, overwhelmingly literate indie bands, On the Stoop is a beautiful, ridiculous alternative and the proof is right here in this clip.

Be sure to check out On The Stoop when they play on March 13 at Venue 505. Get your tickets here.

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