Creature Kind premiere their new single I Heard

Remember playing Chinese Whispers as a kid? Sitting in a circle, whispering silly things into the next person’s ear and having a good old giggle at what was once a truth has mutated into something ridiculous and unbelievable. Much like most people’s Facebook status updates. As juicy and enticing as a bit of gossip can be, sometimes what you really need is a good dose of the truth, and there’s no better way to do so than with a guitar in hand just as Creature Kind do in today’s premiere of their new track I Heard.

Creature Kind single

Hailing from Mt Tambourine is Creature Kind, a band that wears their heart on the sleeve and has a firm grasp on how to make indie pop work. Listen to the premiere of I Heard here.

Creature Kind are relatively young band and are the collective force of Mt Tambourine based musician David Baker and producer Zachary Miller. If Miller’s name rings a bell then you may have come across his work as a producer on projects from Art vs Science, Twinsy, The Last Dinosaurs and national treasure Jimmy Barnes. The band walk the line between indie rock and pop, and while there are so many bands that opt for this kind of style Creature Kind already have a pretty firm handle on their niche.

Following the release of the debut single We Cry Creature Kind are now premiering their follow up I Heard. Perhaps these singles have been released out of order and now we’ll find out what the band have heard that made them cry in the first place. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this and trying to force a really shitty pun*. Regardless, I Heard is a neat little indie pop song, the band’s self proclaimed love for melody is obvious here. The pretty, clean guitars and preppy vocals are reminiscent The Cairos and Sydney band High-tails. It all clips a long at a nice pace, the drums are all hi-hats and snare, the bass stealthily navigates the song from behind the curtain letting the guitars do their thing to amplify the melody.

The most engaging aspect of I Heard is the shift in vocals in the final third of the song. As a sultry organ makes its presence known Baker kicks it up a few notches and begins to yell “I want you to know that I was gonna let go. So don’t you worry now, don’t you worry now, don’t you worry, worry now”, then brings things back down to preppy territory. This change gives I Heard a much more interesting dynamic which in turn compliments the lyrical nature of the song, one that concerns itself with the idea of truths and the effects they have on people’s behaviour.

Creature Kind’s debut EP will be out later this year. If you like what you’re hearing then be sure to check out Creature Kind in the flesh on the dates below.

Bleach Boulevard, Bleach Festival, Currumbin – 15th March

The Powerhouse w/ Neighbour, Brisbane – 29th March

*Ed: agreed.