Strangerous Collective – Self Titled EP

Funk has never been a genre that’s taken itself too seriously; Sydney acts like Bin Juice or Armata Funk Militia are bands that are just as invested in being entertainers as they are in being musicians.

Maybe it’s the fact that funk music is practically impossible to brood to, or that funk musos are generally jovial guys, but this genre of music and humour have always gone hand in hand.

strangerous collective

STRANGER DANGER! An EP of electric sex music from Sydney boys Strangerous Collective.

With an opening line like ‘Welcome to Strangerous 2.0, we’re sexy motherfuckers and we go with the flow’, you might be forgiven for thinking that frontman Daniel Imbert is introducing you to Strangerous Collective’s 2nd, perhaps less confident in their sexiness on previous releases. You are wrong on both accounts; this bold line is made all the bolder because this is their debut release, and therefore they have always been maintaining this next level sexiness/motherfuckerness.

Hailing from Enmore/Wolli Creek, Strangerous Collective are three dudes who acknowledge that funk and humour go hand in hand, and tackle this relationship head on. The EP is laden with lyrical gems like “I’m ready to declare war on everyone in Stanmore, Baristas in the QVB and hobos out in Kirrawee”, and instrumentally, the release is packed with dexterous rhythm guitar, sugar-sweet harmonies and the kind of bass lines that elicit an audible ‘damn’. Imbert’s vocals straddle a middle ground between talking and rapping during the wordy verses, but when singing, he has a husky growl that could undoubtedly be transplanted into a heavier rock outfit.

While Strangerous Collective are predominantly a funk group, they have brief forays into other genres on this EP. The track The Illusion of Progress III: Freedom indicates that the guys might have some Nu Metal leanings in their music, and the closing track Wait is a classic post-rock ballad – it feels like something that would have fit perfectly on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Strangerous Collective’s self-titled Debut EP is a small collection of inventively composed tracks by three dudes from the fair inner suburbs that know funk well enough to not only contribute to the genre, only to subvert it too, making for a thoroughly entertaining, groove-filled release.



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