Its Strawberry Season, tuck in while they are 2 bucks a punnet

After the storm comes a rainbow, and what do we find at the end of said rainbow? An abundance of delicious strawberry sweetness.

Whether it’s tucking into them straight from the punnet, or preparing a mouth-watering Mexican fruit salad, (our seasonal favourite and the perfect way to get the RGB wheel of colours into your gut in one fell swoop) Queensland Strawberry Growers have got your sorted.

Queensland Strawberry Growers have caught a break in the rains and seen some sweet sunny spells, which is why there’s a bounty of deliciously sweet great value strawberries in the supermarket this Spring. From $2 a punnet, that’s right you heard me, 2 bucks! There has never been a better time to stock your basket or your trolley with as many of these sweet treats that you can get your hands on. 

strawberries strawberry season
Credit: Queensland strawberry growers

Teaming up with recipe creator Em Swanston, Strawberry Growers in Queensland are spreading the love with a Strawberry infused recipe e-book. Featuring a strawberry nourish bowl, a succulent strawberry swirled banana bread, strawberry donuts, strawberry cream sheet cake, and a sugar-free strawberry shortcake shake, these recipes are high in fibre and packed with vitamin C, perfect to bring in spring. 

Every strawberry punnet bought helps support the hard-working farmers and their families who have had the hardest growing season on record.  Get them while the going is good, and make your way into Spring with these 8 new mouth-watering strawberry recipes. 

For those wanting to buy bulk whilst prices are low, why not try these oven-baked strawberries (perfect to add to breakfast or desserts), easy strawberry ice cream or strawberry syrup