Strip club closures have inspired a new delivery service called Boober Eats

With increasing coronavirus distancing measures being enforced around the world, one of the many businesses which are experiencing devastating economic impact is strip clubs.

Yet, one particularly resourceful club in Portland, Oregon, has come up with a new business model to try and keep itself and its employers afloat: a food delivery service carried out by strippers.

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Facing a loss of income due to the coronavirus pandemic, a strip club in Portland has salvaged wages by starting a food delivery service called Boober Eats.

Following their enforced closure, the owner of Lucky Devil Lounge, Shon Boulden, jokingly tweeted that they would be starting a service where the dancers would deliver food topless. Yet what started as a gag soon became a reality as customers jumped on the bandwagon, messaging Boulden about the service.

Now, for a $30 delivery fee, nearby residents can order food from the club (choosing from a menu of burgers, salads, steaks, and more) and it will be delivered to their home by two dancers, accompanied by a security guard. Boober Eats even has its own branding, and stickers are placed on the paper bags used for delivery.

As part of the service, the dancers leave the food on the customer’s doorstep, and then, adhering to the six-feet guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they take off their sweaters and “bounce around” – or whatever variation of that they choose. Whilst the service started off topless, for safety reasons the girls now wear nipple tassels, as well as masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser.

One employee for the company, Brodie Grody, said that when the pandemic first began her income halved, and once restaurants and bars were shut down last week, it cut out completely. Now, with Boober Eats, Grody is at least making a quarter of her usual income. Luckily, with the pandemic, the risk of customers getting too handsy is relatively low. According to Grody, only one drunk female has attempted to hug her.

Exotic dancing is one of the less publicised jobs whose workers are currently facing a loss of income due to the pandemic. Many dancers are turning to crowdfunding or OnlyFans to support themselves during this time.

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