Strymon NightSky: venture to outer space and beyond

Strymon’s NightSky time-warped reverberator pedal unlocks otherworldly sonic exploration with a range of ambient tone-shaping possibilities.

Strymon has launched a customarily deep effects unit with the new NightSky time-warped reverberator. With this pedal at your disposal, you’ll be able to create vast soundscapes with just a few notes from your instrument.

“Enter a world of new sounds that blow away the boundaries of what is possible with reverb,” teases Strymon on their website. With a reputation as pioneers of adventurous, DSP-powered sonic exploration, Strymon has created a reverb pedal “that can go where none have gone before”.

Strymon NightSky

Strymon has designed the interface so you can start traversing the ambient possibilities of NightSky as soon as you take it out of the box. Start by choosing three reverb architectures — from sparse to plate-like, to slow atmospheric swells. Modulation types include classic chorus and vibrato pitch bending to intense, synthy filters with various waveforms that include a touch-sensitive envelope that closes in on the reverb tails. Save 16 of your favourite presets across two easily accessible banks of 8.

Pitch shifting options include Strymon’s octave shimmer from their previous BigSky pedal as well other exciting interval modes. The reverb tone can be manipulated at various points in the signal chain too, from the glimmer at the input which creates ethereal upper and lower harmonics to powerful low and high-cut filters at the end of the signal chain. There’s even pre and post distortion to give you maximum control over reverb gain.

Three footswitches along the bottom offer multiple functions depending on how you press them. The Infinite switch allows you to freeze the tail of the reverb while playing over the signal — triggering even more reverb! The left On switch handles bypass and morphing between two different reverb settings, so there’s no need for an expression pedal — of course, that’s still an option along with control via MIDI.

Check out the website for more info on this comprehensive reverb unit and hear some of the tonal possibilities below.