Melbourne producer, Sugyann, releases debut EP ‘GROUNDED”

Taking electro-funk to new heights is Sugyann, the Nepalese producer who has released 2-track EP, GROUNDED. 

Lifting off without a drop of fear is Sugyann – oozing with positivity and life – delivering what might be the colour and sonic serotonin the world has been missing.

His debut EP, GROUNDED, is a two-track collection of electro synths and samples that inspires as much as it makes you want to boogie – illuminating a flight path for Sugyann’s take-off.

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Sugyann, producing tracks from his share house in Geelong Victoria, after moving from Nepal to pursue a career in music, has developed the EP as a tribute to the evolution of his sound, symbolising the; “beauty of life and all that can be learnt through it’s highs & lows” he explains.

Describing GROUNDED as beautiful would be an understatement. The tracks feel as breathtaking as the flight view on the album cover – layers of the tracks welding like the hilltops on the mountains, all whilst the lo-fi synths run around the mind with ease.


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The first track, WE WERE SO MUCH IN LOVE, is a kaleidoscopic swirl of ambiance and energy. The tune was inspired by the crackling moment where Sugyann reflected on the goodness that came from a past relationship – a golden vein that throbs in the track so effortlessly.

The single follows with GROUNDEDa subtle house rhythm that pumps energy and life into the sonic waves.

The track was birthed in the small Victorian country town of Kaniva, whilst Sugyann was away with close friend and collaborator, Balé. Together the duo created the main chord progression, a swift and colour-dripping firework display of lushness and radiance.

There is no touching the ground once you become magnetised by Sugyann’s flair and character – his collection of tunes carries a sense of positive energy that will infectiously leave you wanting more.

Check out GROUNDED below: