Sunday Avenue run us through each track of their debut EP Contrast

It’s been a couple of months now since Central Coast-based outfit Sunday Avenue dropped their debut EP Contrast, but even with all that breathing room, the EP hasn’t lost any of its pop-rock charm.

We caught up with the band for a complete run-down of each track on the EP. Take it away, Sunday Avenue…

A couple of months removed from the release of their debut EP, we caught up with Sunday Avenue for a complete track-by-track run-down.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams was our debut single, our first EVER song, released in February of 2019. The lyrics are quite confessional, singing about what it’s like to fall in love with someone only to find out they’re already in a relationship.

It’s your classic, super fun pop song. It features some cheeky guitar riffs with a very playful attitude on the drums and bass. It’s the perfect set up for that soaring, powerful synth/rock chorus.

Watch the music video for Sweet Dreams below:


Moonlight was our second single release this year and it saw us exploring a sort of retro/synth vibe reminiscent of artists like INXS and Michael Jackson. We really wanted to try something new!

The nature of this track with its starts, stops and bazaar chords comes from constantly testing our songs out in live situations. We wanted to create a song that was super fun to play, it’s catchy, but it makes the musicians look over like ‘what freakin’ chord was that?’

Watch the music video for Moonlight below:

Melted Hearts

Fun fact, this was the earliest song we had for the EP. It stems from a demo Cory had when we were still juniors at high school! The original demo only had the first half of the song and it was actually a folksy, singer/songwriter kind of vibe, like Ed Sheeran actually. The lyrics are about how fear and anxiety can stop you from talking to the person you like, or experiencing something new in an uncharted territory.

The entire second half of the song was born once the band started to develop it further with those heavy guitars and that beautiful guitar solo played by Lochlan.

Watch the music video for Melted Hearts below:


That awesome reverb you hear on the guitar solo this track comes from the amazing plate reverb located beneath the floor of the main control room in Studio 1 at The Grove Studios. In a few ways that is one of the golden points in Anymore for us! With this track, in particular, we really got back to our natural, organic roots. It’s got a very relaxed kind of groove through the verses, but the chorus comes out all punches blazing. We worked hard on the arrangement of instruments in this track to get the groove sounding like some kind of clockwork machine, with all the elements ticking at the right places.

The lyrics are about the liberty that can come after a kind of separation, however painful it may be. From feeling rather lost and lonely to moving on and realising there’s an entire world of opportunities and experiences waiting for you.

Good For You

Fun. That is what this track was for us in the writing process! We took some inspiration and influence from some of the late Australian reggae/rock bands such as Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley, but we still wanted it to feel like a Sunday Avenue song so we threw in a tasty guitar battle between Cory & Lochlan towards the end to create an epic finale for the EP!

We hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about our new EP, its available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube here.