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AIR APPARENT delivers delightfully warm electro-pop on Color Dreams

San Francisco based producer AIR APPARENT has a unique, youthful approach to electro-pop music. With catchy melodies, pulsating synth rhythms, and buoyant dance beats; his tracks are the perfect summertime anthems.

He has only just begun to make his mark on the dance music world since the release of his 2018 debut EP Imaginary. Now, he’s following it up with the delightfully warm electro-pop EP Color Dreams, and it’s a real gem.

Indian-American producer AIR APPARENT releases his sophomore EP Colored Dreams, a shimmering sea of summertime love songs and break-up bangers.

AIR APPARENT is an Indian-American producer based out of San Francisco, though originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He started making music at an early age playing piano, singing in small vocal performances at church, and playing in an orchestra.

While studying in college, he DJ’d at a radio station, which, after a couple of years inspired him to make sample-based music, influenced by artists such as Ta-Ku and Kanye West. Since then, he’s built on his production skills, and now only dabbles in sampling, primarily co-writing, collaborating, and producing original music. 

On his sophomore EP Colored Dreams, AIR APPARENT demonstrates his knack for creating colourful sonic gems. With seven tracks straight of electro-pop summer anthems, this EP is an absolute delight.

The opening track Sorry, featuring vocals from Krysta Youngs, is a playful love song drenched in sunshine. With carefree lyrics layered upon buoyant dance beats and catchy melodies, it’s like the sonic equivalent of a summer pool party. Not Afraid is a little more downtempo compared to other tracks on the EP. It’s a heartfelt love song produced with a light touch, which adds to the emotional depth of the lyrics and highlights Victoria Richard’s ethereal, breathy vocals.

Asking You is the perfect love anthem for jumping into warmer weather, the tracks luminous bassline is swiftly met with mellifluous vocals, as lush synths collide with an oscillating percussion line and pulsating synth rhythms, creating the ultimate summer electro-pop banger.

Do I Forget is a slice of earnest, heartfelt balladry laid out upon a spellbinding soundscape of twinkling pop melodies. AIR APPARENT plays with a slightly darker trap-inspired sound on Too Far Gone, it’s a haughty break-up banger, which features the confident vocal delivery of Adventure Tiger, alongside plenty of bass blasts and enough speaker-busting percussion to get your body moving.

This EP is a sea of catchy tunes, but perhaps the most memorable is Tokyo, another break-up banger that glimmers and shines as it unfolds. With Julia Ross’ powerful vocals layered upon angelic harmonies, throbbing synth rhythms and addictive melodies. Color Dreams ends on a sweet note with Wide Awake, a gorgeous lo-fi track that feels like the closing track of a romance film, which, in a way, it is.

These are still early days for this San Francisco producer, but judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great material from AIR APPARENT in the near future. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.

Color Dreams is out now.


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August 20, 2019