Sunglass Moustache share the story behind their latest single, ‘Only The Machines’

Words by Sunglass Moustache.

In the future, they’ll tell the story of the past. “What they are” makes way for “how they are remembered” with the latter more lasting than the former. The only evidence of veracity stemming from the quality and quantity of documentation. This The Machines knew well as they “corrected” the online footprint of a once acceptable fruit… Peaches.

Sunglass Moustache sat us down to tell us the surreal story behind their latest single, Only The Machines; the first taste of their upcoming album, Peaches.

It was early Spring when we moved into the quiet bungalow. The yard was barren containing only gravel. As we walked outside an elderly man sauntered up to the fence and told us that he had cleaned the gutters and trimmed the trees for the previous owners. We looked around the yard seeing no trees to speak of. The Old Man then started to cough. A coughing fit so strong that it took him down to one knee. He waved us over as he struggled to speak. We hopped the fence and did our best to hear the Old Man’s message.

Try as he might, the Old Man was unable to speak. As he fell towards the ground he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a crumpled and stained piece of paper. He held his hand out to us and nodded towards the paper. Just then a loud bang turned our attention to the house. When we looked back the Old Man was gone, and all that remained was the note.

We had a big fight that night. It seems that some of us had a hard time with the facts now before us. Denial is an easier sort of life. It leaves some quicker than others. But in the end, we all came around. It’s a tough thing learning that they have been lying to you. Makes you shudder about what else might not be true. But we could worry about “what else” later. We had enough on our plate for now.

And I tell you, our plate was filled with the juiciest Peaches you’ve ever seen in your life. Tasted great too. Nothing like the horror stories we grew up hearing. As we looked at the real story of “what they are” next to the manufactured story of “how they are remembered,” we knew that we had only one path forward. You can’t unsee the truth. Genie not fitting back in the bottle.

Armed with our newfound knowledge we set out the next morning. The streets were the same but looked different. Funny how the world seems new when you learn something about it. We parked the van in the back row of the parking lot and walked towards the door. The pre-recorded greeting at the door reminded us that most had not yet eaten from the tree of knowledge. It reinforced our understanding of the control that The Machines had over The Message. We had heard it at every entrance for our entire lives, but it felt brand new. Now it was less of a greeting and more of a threat.

“Welcome inside. We thank you so much for your continued patronage. You are a valued member of our community. We hope that you enjoy yourself but please remember… Only the Machines Can Touch.”

Sunglass Moustache will release Peaches on May 15th. Only The Machines is out now.