Ahead of their debut album, Sunglass Moustache share a wild new short film

In two weeks time, American outfit Sunglass Moustache will release their debut album, Peaches. We’ve been lucky enough to sneak in an early listen, and we can confirm all your suspicions: the album is, in fact, full of delicious and dusty psych-garage grooves.

But before the Austin-based band unleash this thing unto the world, they’re taking you, the listener, on a bizarre and hallucinatory virtual road-trip. Indeed, ahead of the release of Peaches (the album), they have released Peaches (the movie); a thirty-five-minute audio-visual fever dream.

Austin-based outfit Sunglass Moustache have a debut album on the way. But before then, they have unveiled a hallucinatory new short film.

The new film is complete madness. It’s a Lynchian collage of absurd footage that follows a loose road-tripping storyline and incorporates music from the upcoming album. Wedged in the middle of the film is a live performance of the album’s opening track, Only The Machines, giving a glimpse into their deserty Brian Jonestown-esque sound.

Peaches (the fruit) are woven all throughout the movie. Towards the start of the film, we hear an American politician explaining to his constituents why all peaches must be banned. Towards the film’s conclusion, a resistance is formed — band members take to the streets, spreading word of the fruit’s culinary versatility.

And yes, peaches are amazing! They’re sweet and plump and they’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Opposing politicians should be strung up in the streets!

Sunglass Moustache’s eponymous debut album is coming, people. The health benefits of said album are yet to be discovered, but I predict the results will be quite fruitful.

Watch the new film above and keep your ears peeled for the full album on May 15th. Onwards.