New waveTracing SP 950 plugin dishes up iconic sampler sounds

waveTracing has just released its new SP 950 plugin, which delivers old-school sounds based on classic samplers.

The software aims to faithfully emulate the classic sound of the E-MU SP-1200 sampler, originally used on countless records in the ’80s and ’90s by the likes of the Beastie Boys and Marley Marl.SP 950

The new SP 950 plugin by waveTracing emulates the classic, lo-fi sounds of the SP1200 and AKAI S950 used on countless records in the ’80s and ’90s.

Earlier versions of the SP-1200 were used by ’80s icons like New Order and Depeche Mode and was originally an 8-bit device. The hardware then developed into the SP-12 and 1200, which worked on 12-bit architecture.

Though the samplers were originally designed only for drum sampling, artists who picked up the 12 and 1200 used it for melodic sounds on many records throughout the ’90s. The SP950 emulates the 12-bit sound of the 12 and 1200, and the detune slider recreates the classic SP sound by adding some of those 12-bit artifacts into the equation.

Users of the plug-in can also access a filter knob for more manipulation of their samples. The SP-1200 was often used to isolate a bass part on a track by detuning the whole track and then running the filter so that only the bassline could be heard. The filter in the SP950 is actually based on the filter from the Akai S950, another classic sampler.

For those seeking out those old-school, lo-fi digital sounds, the SP950 might be the perfect tool.

You can even try a free, browser-based version of the plug-in here. See the demo below: