Suntory Minus 196 x Kentaro Yoshida deliver a limited run hot merch drop

Minus 196 and Kentaro Yoshida merge, drop limited-edition merch for the ultimate summer refreshment.

For the past two years, Suntory’s Minus 196 Double Lemon has been our summer staple – a no-brainer in beating the heat.

The perfect drop of double lemon in a can if ever there was – it’s a game-changer when the mercury rises. Let’s face it, nothing else does it quite like Minus 196.

kentaro yoshida

Suntory doesn’t mess around, with the perfect combination of Shochu, Vodka and Soda, they have nailed it, no doubt. This, my friends, is Suntory Minus 196 – and it’s the real deal.

And now, the cherry on top: exclusive Suntory merch. It’s official, it’s Suntory time in fashion too. But here’s the kicker – it’s a limited run. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Heads up, the Kentaro tees are already history!

kentaro yoshida


Suntory Minus 196 has been our trusted companion for a while now. And to make things even better, we can literally wear our affection on our sleeves.

So stock up your fridges and refresh your wardrobe this summer with Suntory. From vending machines to cross-shoulder body bags, just in time for festival season.

kentaro yoshida shoulder bag

Kentaro Yoshida shoulder bag, snowboard, jacket, and damn fine sticker set that has secured a coveted place on my laptop – all designed with Kentaro’s signature cool as all hell style, drawing inspiration from retro posters. Kentaro has delivered a striking selection.

As a Japanese artist based in Australia, he seized the chance to collaborate with a brand that reconnects him to his roots. The synergy between them is nothing short of eye-poppingly cool.


Here’s to a double lemon Kentaro!

Head over to Suntory Minus 196 and dive into the bold spirit of Japan, as reimagined by the effortlessly cool vision of Kentaro Yoshida. And trust us, don’t wait until it’s too late!