Someone put all of ‘Super Mario 64’ into a playable web page

The groundbreaking 3D platformer Super Mario 64 has made its way to your web browser thanks to some very clever people.

Technical wizards have managed to port a fully functional version of Super Mario 64 into your web browser. Dubbed Super Mario 64: Browser Edition, it’s a fully-featured version of the 1996 platformer that requires no downloads.

You can go to their website right here and play it, using either a controller or your keyboard and mouse.

Super Mario 64 browser

A browser port of the game has been around since March 2021, and at this stage we aren’t sure whether it’s the same people who’ve chosen to host it on a new domain, or if someone has just ripped it and put it on a new site.  Either way, it’s handy to know there’s multiple backups of the browser version.

After playing both for a few minutes, I feel confident in saying they are identical builds. I must say I was blown away by how smooth the game runs. There’s no frame stuttering, clunky movements or bugs. It handles incredibly well for a port, nevertheless a browser game.

Now, hardcore Super Mario 64 fans would lecture you on why the game has to be played on a controller, but I must say the keyboard and mouse combo isn’t as shabby as you would think. So if you’re reading this at work, definitely give it a quick go – you can even resize the window to be super small so your boss can’t see.

In all likelihood, this game will be taken down by Nintendo’s legal department in the near future, so we suggest you give this piece of history a crack before it disappears forever. If you’re reading this and missed the chance to play it before it got taken down, don’t fret too much, because there are other options.

NintendoLife reports that this port is actually a direct rip from a fan-made Super Mario 64 PC port that was released earlier in 2021. This is available here, but requires a download and a little bit of know-how of using a ROM file and emulator.

We can’t wait to see who’s going to claim the Super Mario 64 speedrunning record on Google Chrome in the coming days.