Softube’s Model 84 brings a modular workflow to the Juno 106

Softube’s Model 84 recreates that classic synth, the Roland Juno 106. Though we know the sound well, it comes with some enticing workflow upgrades.

The Roland Juno 106 has been remade as an elegant plugin by Softube, called Model 84. It has all the original hardware elements you would expect — a single oscillator (pulse/saw/square), 24 dB/octave resonant low-pass filter, non-resonant high-pass filter, an ADSR envelope, an LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator), plus more in a beautiful retro-worn layout.

Aside from its exacting recreation of the instrument’s character, the ability to use the sections in a modular way is more than a highlight. It offers users a brand new way to approach this icon.

Softube Juno 106

The seven different modules from Model 84 — CHORUS, DCO, ENV, LFO, NOISE, VCA, and LPF are all available to be rearranged and patched together in any way you want.

The Chorus section of the Juno (a highly sought after sound in its own right) can also be used in Softube’s amp room — it’s a virtual room full of equipment like amplifiers, speaker cabinets, tape machines, reverb units, EQs and pedals that can be mixed and matched to taste.

There are also ways to get ‘under the hood’ to access velocity controls, aftertouch, extended unison mode, and extended controls for fine-tuning, offering an extra dimension of tweakability to the classic tones of the Juno.

Legit retro styling abounds in the GUI — yellowed keys, dust marks, and wear and tear as expected from a well-loved, and used Juno 106.

For more details on this brand new creation, visit Softube.