How to Survive A Deal With The Devil

What would you give to be remembered forever? Would you sell your soul? Here is Happy’s guide to surviving a deal with the devil.

Where did the myth of selling one’s soul to the devil begin? And if you wanted to do the same how would you go about it? The notion of selling one’s soul is entwined with rock ‘n’ roll history, even Bob Dylan admitted to it once.

It hardly stops at Dylan though, there’s Robert Johnson, Jimmy Page, Ozzy Osborne, Niccolo Paganini, even Eminem and Kanye West. In the vast realm of music history, few tales have captivated our collective imagination as much as the enigmatic stories of musicians allegedly making deals with the devil.

From the legendary Robert Johnson to the iconic Bob Dylan whose rise to fame has been shrouded in rumors of a Faustian bargain, these narratives have woven a tapestry of mystery and intrigue within the fabric of popular music.

robert johnson how to survive a deal with the devil
One of the two known photos of Robert Johnson. This portrait was taken by the Hooks Bros. Photography Company in Memphis, Tenn., circa 1935.

In our latest in-depth video, we delve into the fascinating world of deals with the devil in music to help anyone who’s ready to face damnation for fame and fortune, and explore the essential tips on how to negotiate unholy contracts and survive a deal with the devil.

Surviving a deal with the devil doesn’t have to feel like walking on a tightrope over a fiery pit, or signing your life away with a love contract with the devil, becuase we’ve got your back with some epic survival tips. From warding off demonic distractions to perfecting your air guitar skills for impromptu devil jams, we’ve got you covered, so join us for  a devilishly entertaining ride as we unravel the secrets of surviving a musical encounter with the horned one.

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Surviving a Deal with the Devil:  Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Serve musical hotness: Put in the hours, practice like a possessed virtuoso, and unleash your musical magic on the world.
  2. Rock that authenticity: Be true to your unique artistic self, because selling your soul is so last century.
  3. Network like a boss: Surround yourself with fellow music lovers who can appreciate your talent and give you the connections you need to slay the industry.
  4. Summon the experts: Seek out experienced mentors and industry gurus who can guide you through the treacherous terrain of the music biz.
  5. Make deals with the right devils: Negotiate contracts with music labels and agents who genuinely believe in your talent, instead of striking shady deals in the underworld.


  1. Avoid demonic distractions: Don’t waste your time making shady pacts with the devil when you can be honing your skills and creating wicked tunes.
  2. Don’t sell your soul on eBay: Your musical worth is priceless, so don’t auction it off to the highest bidder on a sketchy online marketplace.
  3. Steer clear of the dark side: Resist the temptation to compromise your artistic integrity for fame and fortune. Stay true to your wickedly awesome self.
  4. Don’t be fooled by false promises or false people: Be cautious of industry vampires who claim to have the secret to success. If you think you will pledge your love to an incubus for the sake of followers or fame, think again, trust your instincts and surround yourself with genuine supporters.
  5. Say no to cursed contracts: Reject deals that come with hidden clauses, exploitative terms, or blood-red ink. Remember, your talent deserves better!

Remember, the path to musical greatness lies in your dedication, talent, and a sprinkle of devilish charm. So, go forth and conquer the music world on your terms!