Surrounded by culture, fans and great music, Tigertown cared most about the food on their epic European tour

Fresh off the jets from a huge European tour and fresh off the release of their latest record EP Papernote, Tigertown are making friends everywhere.

Luckily for you, they packed a camera before heading overseas. With a Australian dates commencing just over a week away, the Tigerteam thought they’d psych up hometown fans a little by giving us all a sneak peak into their lives on the road.

Tigertown Tour Diary

Tigertown took two rolls of film and an old 70’s camera to document their Euro family holiday, where they happened to play a bucket load of crazy shows too.

The Journey to Milan

This is the view we woke up to after 40 hours of travel. After flying to London, we picked up our gear and had to drive to the first show in Milan. We stopped over in Paris for the night. We get pretty excited about food when we go on tour so we managed to have breakfast in Paris, lunch in Geneva and dinner in Milan.Tigertown Tour Diary

Tour Begins

Our first show in Italy supporting Panic! at the Disco, we weren’t prepared for the size and volume of the crowds. The kids were crazy. This is Alexi keeping his cool in our Milan apartment.Tigertown Tour Diary

Venice, Italy

We made a detour on the way to Vienna so we could have lunch in Venice. Best Italian food of our lives and the most romantic band experience we’ve had.Tigertown Tour Diary

Somewhere in Germany, in the van

This is pretty much what we were looking at seven hours a day. For Australians, the idea of driving to a different city each night still blows our mind, let alone different countries.Tigertown Tour Diary

Vienna, Austria

Something that’s pretty unique as a touring band is that we get to celebrate wedding anniversaries on the road. This is the day Chris and Charlie got to celebrate theirs in Vienna. Back to food, it was all about the old coffee houses where they put cream in your coffee.Tigertown Tour Diary

Paris… and more food.

Our favourite show of the tour was Paris. It was in a massive old theatre and it was when we started to realise that our music was really starting to connect with the European scene. But more importantly, this is us getting the most legit crepes ever.Tigertown Tour Diary


We definitely weren’t prepared for how beautiful Brussels would be. Such a beautiful looking city. We also weren’t aware that Brussels was famous for amazing tasting mussels. Of course we found the best mussels in the city.Tigertown Tour Diary


Our first UK show was in the same town that the Gallagher brothers grew up in so we were pretty excited. This is the Tigertown brothers getting excited about pints in UK pubs.Tigertown Tour Diary

A Castle in Cardiff

We found a really old Castle in Cardiff and convinced the guard to let us take photos without paying an entry fee. The Cardiff crowd was probably the loudest and most excited of the tour.Tigertown Tour Diary

15 Shows in 17 Days

Turns out we did over 70 hours of driving. Funny part is when we returned the van, we got sad and missed it. We are very thankful for the chance to tour with an amazing band and play to tens of thousands of people. Was so epic to meet so many amazing people and can’t wait to get back xxxTigertown Tour Diary

You can catch Tigertown on their Australian tour starting December 8 in Geelong. All the info you need is right here.

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