PREMIERE: Suzanne Sheer – ‘Down For You’

Philly-based artist, Suzanne Sheer has released a sensual and spellbinding single, Down For You, ahead of her debut LP.

Multi-genre trailblazer, Suzanne Sheer has unveiled a powerful and provocative new tune, Down For You. It’s the first single off her highly-anticipated debut LP, The Blue Hour, which is set to drop on June 10.

Packed with bold, groovy drum and bass, captivating synths and silky-smooth, evocative vocals, Down For You is downright gripping from start to finish. Produced by LOTITS and 3XPO, the track showcases a signature sensual prowess that is prevalent in Sheer’s repertoire.

suzanne sheer Down For You

By expertly fusing elements of soul, pop, R&B and electronic music, Suzanne has created yet another multi-genre masterpiece. Her experimental approach is driven by her admiration for the works of iconic songwriters like Amy Winehouse, as well as her love of electronic musicians like Daft Punk.

She told Philly-based music group, TRFE, “My top influences are Amy Winehouse, Sade, Etta James, Tracy Chapman…female songwriters, for sure.” She continued, “but I also love electronic music…Daft Punk is a huge influence of mine.”

suzanne sheer studio
Credit: Jeff Bagg

Through the pairing of passionate and suggestive lyrics with sensual, soul-infused vocals, Down For You produces a near three minutes of pure sonic seduction that will have you enthralled from the very first bar.

“So high up past my bedtime, I got you on my mind. Why don’t you claim your prize? Come for me,” Suzanna sings during the enchanting chorus.

Through a compilation of tantalising, self-shot clips that feature the track’s intro, the Philly-based singer-songwriter gave us our first taste of Down For You via Instagram last Saturday: “Drop a heart if you’re ready for the first single off of The Blue Hour!!” she wrote.

This post followed an album release date announcement from the week prior, during which she wrote, “it has been the most surreal and special time of my life making this album, and I can’t wait to finally share it with all of you. Thank you for riding with me this long. I love you so much.”

Down For You
Credit: Suzanne Sheer Instagram

Long in the making, a captivating trailer for The Blue Hour was first uploaded to YouTube in January of 2021. Following that, a series of teasers were posted to social media throughout the year.

A December video upload regarding the impending record was captioned, “you can’t rush your first baby! And with the amount of love and support y’all have always shown me, I can’t give you anything less than our absolute best.”

Honestly, if Down For You is anything to go by, we can’t wait to hear what the rest of The Blue Hour sounds like. And with features from Philly-based acclaimed guitarist, Simon Martinez (Jazmine Sullivan, Flanafi), and GRAMMY-nominated drummer Steve McKie (DJ Jazzy Jeff, Killiam Shakespeare), we’re certain it will be well worth the wait.

When you take a look at Sheer’s stellar track record, it’s not hard to anticipate a debut LP that will be nothing short of magnificent. Originally from Pittsburgh, her promising musical journey began young. In an interview with TRFE, she said, “I always had music around me growing up, and when I was fifteen, I started writing my own songs.

Suzanne Sheer Instagram
Credit: Suzanne Sheer Instagram

Her early emergence in the industry was impressive, to say the least. At age 18, she recorded with renowned rapper, Wiz Khalifa and his production group, Taylor Gang. Her compelling vocals shimmered through the chorus of their powerful 2016 track, Without You. Later, Suzanne moved to Philadelphia to explore the city’s rich creative culture and began making waves on the local live music circuit.

In 2018, she wowed her flourishing fanbase with the launch of Conditioned; a marvellous, gloomy electronic/hip hop single that is packed with raw emotion and earnest lyrics. Much like her newest release, Down For You, Suzanne’s soulful, heart-igniting vocals echoed through each section of this track; skilfully conveying both sensuality and sorrow.

The Blue Hour LP will be available on all streaming platforms on June 10.

Stream Down For You below.