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Sweet Banana run us through their delicious debut single FFS

Last week, when Sydney based four-piece Sweet Banana dropped their debut single FFS, we were immediately hooked on their jangly garage-punk sounds.

So fresh off the track’s release, we got the band’s bassist Lewis Bustin to run us through how FFS came together.

Fresh off the release of their tasty debut single FFS, Sydney quartet Sweet Banana run us through how the song came together.

Since the release of our new song, I’ve had a lot of people asking me questions like:

  • It’s so catchy, is it on Spotify?
  • You’re the bass player, can you give me your guitarist’s number?
  • What went into Sweet Banana’s new single FFS?

My answers to these questions are simple. Yes, it’s on all the music platforms… even Tidal.

No, you can’t have the guitarist’s number, but you may find him on a street corner selling ass every Friday night.

The last question takes a bit longer to answer. But it’s an interesting story. Our lead guitarist on the track, Cade Thomson, wrote the song before the band even got together. As soon as the lads and I heard the demo we knew it was a winner. However, it’s not as simple as just jumping in the studio.

We had to find a producer that met our style and had a winning back catalogue. As if the heavens had parted and the Lord had sent us the message himself, we found Nathan Sheehy – an absolutely fantastic producer who has worked with artists such as Birds of Tokyo, Dune Rats, and The Vanns. We then booked it all in and locked ourselves in the studio for several days.

It’s a great experience being in the studio for the first time, like being a small child in a toy shop. They had a massive collection of guitars, pedals and instruments. So, it took us some time to convince Lachlan Hunter, the drummer, that he should not play the piano and just stick to the sticks. Then we were away.

Nathan brought a lot to the table and gave us some great creative input. Vocals were particularly difficult to record because of Luke Aarons crippling addiction to screwing it all up. The take we actually used for the clip was spot on. The end of the song has a clip of him saying fuck it, which was his reaction when I told him that we were going to the pub on a school night, but also came out due to sheer frustration.

After a hell of a lot of mixing, we could take the song to mastering and saw a man called Rick O’Neil. Rick has worked with artists such as Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, INXS… the list goes on. Not only did he give our track a damn good brush up, but he also gave us some quality business advice.

It all basically boils down to “don’t produce shit,” which makes sense. And now here we are, with a banger of a single. If you don’t believe me, check out the tune yourself.

Love you all,
Lewis Bustin – A lonely, lonely man


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November 13, 2018

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