Sxmpra unleashes ruthless single ‘LOCKJAW!’ via 10K Projects

LOCKJAW! is Sxmpra latest take on an unyielding king-hit of unruly underground rap.

Despite much of his identity being shrouded by mystery since his emergence in 2018, cult-favourite New Zealand-based phonk Rapper Sxmpra has made waves throughout the underground rap scene. Today, the enigmatic rapper has released his newest and most ruthless single LOCKJAW!

Credit: Press

Continuing his consistent rollout this year, LOCKJAW! is an unyielding king-hit of unruly underground rap. Being produced by close friend and collaborator Dozy Doe, the track features elements of broody synths, and blistering bass lines, with pounding 808s that straddle the line between gritty underground rap and nu-metal words that Sxmpra was raised on. He has set the tone for a sinister scene that features paralysing blows of dizzying raps, with fast and furious flows, and raw and outspoken storytelling.

LOCKJAW! is his second release via Independent LA record label 10K Projects, which marks a momentous new era for Sxmpra, as he continues to be the frontrunner of the internet phenomenon phonk scene – which is a rap sub-genre derived from dark 90’s Memphis rap soundscapes. Sxmpra is continuously craving out his own path to underground rap glory, with innovative takes on the genre to help out newcomers like himself, whilst also paying homage to its trailblazers that came before him.

With now being signed to 10K Projects, Sxmpra has his sights set on working on his debut full-length, as well as connecting with his fanbase outside of New Zealand.

You can now stream LOCKJAW! via Spotify below.