Are you ready to share your ideas? Submissions for SXSW Sydney 2024 are now open

Ready to propel your career to new heights on stage or screen? This is an open invitation for the creators, thought-provokers, and innovators among us

SXSW Sydney’s debut treated us to the latest in games, tech, and some seriously hot new music. Now, as SXSW Sydney 2024 unfolds, they are rolling out the red carpet for you to take the lead on global talks, showcase your brilliance, and be part of something unforgettable.

In its first dance last year, SXSW Sydney hosted a whopping 1,178 sessions and events, drawing in over 287,000 attendees from 41 countries. And no, an event like this is not just about the numbers – it’s about the spontaneous connections, professional milestones, and ideas that took center stage.

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SXSW Sydney – the only city to wear the SXSW crown outside of Austin, Texas, is calling on you. If you’ve got a panel, a presentation, a workshop, or even a podcast that could shake things up, Session Select is your golden ticket.

With 23 Conference tracks, including fresh ones like Creator Economy, Cyber & Your Data, Education & Skills, Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty, and Food, this is your platform to make waves.


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Colin Daniels, the brain behind SXSW Sydney, shares, “Session Select sparks the magic of the conference. I can’t wait to see what our global thought leaders bring to the table this year. Don’t miss the chance to get your work noticed by the international crowd that flocks to SXSW Sydney. It’s your shot at global artistic fame!”

The call extends to Games, Music, and Screen Festivals. SXSW Sydney wants your mind-blowing films, games, music, and creative projects – be they VR, AR, or MR.

Share your work with industry pals, media, and fans, and watch your creative goals take flight.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a fresh entrepreneur, or just a creative soul, SXSW Sydney 14 – 20 OCTOBER 2024 promises a global gathering of creativity, inspiration, and good vibes.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Head over to SXSW Sydney’s official website for all the info.